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                中國報告求收藏庫藍慶星已滅 > 關於我們 > About Us

                China Report Library
                The largest research report library in China;
                The report search network platform built by Qianinfo (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd after nine years' hardworking;
                Includes nearly 100,000 research reports and is assorted by use, including industry and market research reports, feasibility study reports, investment analysis reports, credit analysis reports, customization reports, etc;
                Contains more than 40 major industries, over 1,000 sub-sectors, more than 60,000 kinds of commodities;
                These figures are updated every day!

                Organizers——Qianinfo (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd
                The company started in 2002, and now is serving over 600 companies, government departments, investment companies, and financial institutes;
                Is one of the famous companies that have the longest service time, most comprehensive product ranges, highest specialization degree, and greatest influence in China information consulting field;
                The business scope covers basic information, market research, industry research, investment consulting, management consulting and business data service;
                Qianinfo (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd is named Beijing Economic Research Institute of China's Metal Information and Cooperation before 2008;
                Qianinfo (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd has accumulated to provide service to thousands of well-known domestic and foreign companies, and has become the long-term information products suppliers of dozens of domestic and foreign large conglomerates, such as, COFCO Limited, TOYOTA, Beijing Co-Bridge Capital Co., Ltd,Thinkbank, etc;
                We are trying to become the best information center for Chinese decision-makers!

                Help our customers establish information advantage in market competition.

                Become the "craft carrier" of China information consulting.

                Honesty, Reliability, Pragmatism, Realism, and Creativity!

                Strategic Positioning
                "Information collection--Information research--Decision-making advice" is the major business line and being a professional information consulting company.

                Core Competence
                Concentration: the company is absorbed in information consulting field for nine years;
                Talents: loyal and efficient research team, who well know China market and the needs of the customers.

                Corporation Culture
                We emphasize the working sprit of "squeeze" and "dig", and slave at the work of unearthing the deepest and most valuable decision-making information;
                We give stress on team work, mutual support;
                We care about communication with the staff and the customers, and share of information, not only providing service but finishing consideration;
                We will combine the enterprise spirit with "nail" spirit: squeeze and dig, which is the sole of our corporation culture.